Could Be Worse…


Could Be Worse…

The plan for today was to wake up, brush my teeth, eat, go to the gym and then to University to study over there. NOTHING EVER GOES AS PLANNED!!! I was gonna go to the gym with my girlfriend, but I had to wait until she finishes whatever she needed to finish. While I waited for her to do her things, I watched “How I Met Your Mother” and “Naruto” instead of studying what I actually needed to do.

When she was done, I got ready super-fast and started to leave. The first problem that happened was that the door lock wasn’t working, well it was… but it’s like one of these old locks that you have to play with till it closes. So that took me at least 10 minutes. Then went to my car, and everything was good till I tried to turn it on… You can guess that it didn’t turn on. (Probably should have plugged in the car, since it was about -47°C outside at night.) So I didn’t go anywhere. Stayed home ate, and then started writing this. When I am mad, it’s either because something didn’t go as planned, or I’m really really hungry. I guess I was both at the time. So as soon as I came back in the house I made myself a big ass salad.

No matter what happens I’m just living my life, having fun, and enjoy every day!

When angry make a salad

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