Pressure/Air Car


Pressure/Air Car

How pressure is used and what it is used for?

Pressure is used in this car go forward movement to make the cylinders go up and down.

What type of pressure is involved?

The type of pressure is compressed air. The tanks ware the air is stored is at about 4500 (PSI). Compressed air cars use the expiation of air to move.

What an employee needs to know?

An employee need to know how strong to make the parts ware the air goes and how fast the air comes out of the holding tanks.

Advantages and disadvantages

One advantage of an air car is that it can sit longer then the car that uses batters because batters slowly drain.
One disadvantage of the air car is that it would take 4 hours to fill the air tanks at home and 3-4 min at a special station. And a another problem is since the air cools very fast when it leaves the tanks so they need to use gas to heat the air again to move the car.

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