Busy Day


Busy Day

Today was supposed to be a busy day. Turned to be half busy maybe even less, something like 1/8 busy. Woke up around 9:40ish and then laid in bed with my phone and watched YouTube videos for like an hour or so.

When I started to get bored, I finally decided to get up from bed. So firstly like always I went to do the morning leak, brushed my teeth and then decided to make myself a big boy meal. The meal consisted of a salad, a cheese toast, eggs and a cup of green tea. Usually when I make myself food I go big all the way.

For the salad I used 2 tomatoes, 2 small cucumbers, about 5-6 lettuce leafs, 1 green pepper, and one red pepper. Than for the dressing, the Russian way of adding dressing is adding whatever you think would taste good, and since my dad always tells me that breakfast has to consist of dairy products I used Sour Cream(pretty good, I gotta admit!). Then made myself 2 scrambled eggs, that I also added to the salad and mixed it all together.Maaaaaan it was delicious! To get big you gotta eat big, so that’s the rule that I am kind of following, or trying to pursuit! And to not forget, I also made myself a cheese toast and a green tea, to relieve from all that food I ate. I was really happy with my breakfast!!!! :)

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