The Birthday!


The Birthday!

How I spent my 18th birthday you ask? Let’s at least pretend you asked. It all started at around 1A.M. when my dad woke me up to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. Later when I woke up around 6:30ish in the morning to start getting ready for school, my mom decided she needed to wake up early too, just to wish me a ‘Happy Birthday’. I had about half an hour to get ready for school.
That day was a really busy day at school. Had classes all day up until 5:15 P.M. , had a math quiz that I think hopefully gone pretty good. I’m not expecting to get a 100% on it, but at least some kind of a good mark (got a decent mark on it btw :-P ).

Got lots of birthday wishes, some were funny and some were very emotional (you could probably guess that those came from close relatives). When I came home in the evening we didn’t really have a dinner because my mom felt pretty sick.

But on the weekend is when I had a party.

I was busy all week, and my mom said that if I want to bring friends home than I have to clean the house. So I did. On Saturday, it literally took all day. Around 7:30p.m. I had to go get my gf from the other side of the city, and still wasn’t ready. After I picked her up, we had to drive quickly to the liquor store to get some drinks and get home before anyone comes. I was getting ready to shower when friends started to show up.

No Biggie, I went and showered quick and made myself beautiful. Later slowly people started coming, we all had a couple drinks took photos and had a good time. The Limo was picking us up at 10:30. Limo didn’t come on time because apparently it was too slippery on the roads. Ok, I didn’t mind that. When we got there, I felt like a king. I had a VIP entrance and didn’t have to wait in the huge line to get into the club. It was a paint party that night.

All I can say is that I very much enjoyed my first experience at the club. And I think, or actually I for sure know that my friend made my day there. He was kind of really drunk, but I tried to make him stick with me and not go anywhere himself. But obviously that did not happen. Every time I needed to do something I would tell him to wait for a sec till I’m done, but then he would disappear somewhere for like 30min. The first time I lost him, he came back all covered in paint which was really hilarious.

The rest of the night was really fun. 3 friends bought me drinks, danced with friends, danced with the gf and took care of my lost friend (which was really fun actually).

FUN NIGHT. FUN EXPERIENCE. Living my life, having fun, and enjoy every day!

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