Train Luck


Train Luck

Yesterday was one of those days. Me and my dad are driving home after the gym like always, and it’s no surprise there will be a train coming (my dad says that it’s just my luck) closing the road for us where we turn into our neighborhood, for about 20 minutes. MySpace dad and I were like “ok, no problems. The train is coming towards us, and it will be gone in no time”. But then out of nowhere the train that always stands on the side of the main road and almost never moves decided to cross the main road…. My reputation of bad luck with trains just got that much worse. We never thought that we would do it, but we U turned on that road and let the first train that we saw pass than we drove over the railroad and got into the neighborhood, while the slow train was slowly getting ready to be in our way again!!!

My luck with those trains is just getting worse every day but after all it was a pretty good and I’m just living my life, having fun, and enjoy every day.



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